Your senior portraits are a very important part of your final twelve months of high school. You can trust us to do the very best that we can to make this experience as enjoyable and affordable as it can possibly can be while providing portraits that will keep your senior memories alive for years to come.

Your senior portraits are just that - YOUR senior portraits. You should have the freedom to choose your clothing and settings to express your individuality. That is why we will spend approximately two hours shooting your photographs either in studio or at a location of your choosing, provided you have the owner’s permission. You may change clothes up to five times and use up to 3 different locations.*

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What To Wear
Simple, plain, solid colors are the easiest to photograph. Let’s face it, those things can get boring. Bring clothes that fit your personality, but keep a few things in mind.

Bold checks and stripes can be distracting and draw the viewers eye from you to your clothing. We want you to be the center of attention. Solids work best, but feel free to express yourself.

For formal portraits it is best to have long sleeves. Short sleeves tend to make the arms look heavier. It is best to bring both.

Try to avoid clothing that will date the photographs in a few years. T-shirt logos and certain clothing styles can do this, but again, it your choice. Express yourself.

Consider bringing a variety of clothing—Casual, Dress, and Formal. This will provide you with several portrait options showing all sides of your character.

Feel free to bring any special props you might have. They will help to show your interests and personality. They can be things like sports equipment, musical instruments, stuffed animals, uniforms, and sunglasses. Be creative!

A Word About Glasses
If you wear glasses, please be aware that no matter what we do, some glare from lighting, whether indoor or out, will appear on the lenses. There are things we can do to minimize the glare, but not eliminate it. We don’t recommend removing your glasses for your photo session, especially if you wear them all the time. Without your glasses you do not look like “you” and we want your portraits to be natural and reflective of you and your personality. If you are concerned about eyeglass glare you can contact your optometrist and see if he will lend you some frames like yours without lenses.

For simplicity we offer one basic senior portrait package. Additional prints and packages may be purchased at regular prices as shown below.

Only $99.00 + tax
May be from up to
8 different poses.
3 - 8 x 10
4 - 5 x 7
48 - Wallets
48 wallets must be
from the same pose.
You will receive your choice of either a CD or DVD slideshow of all the images from your photo shoot. Use the CD or DVD to select the portraits you would like printed. If you prefer, a proof book may be purchased for an additional charge.

Regular Single Print Prices

4x6 $10.00 10x13 $32.50
5x7 $15.00 11x14 $40.00
8x10 $22.50 10x20 $50.00
10x10 $27.00 16x20 $80.00

Regular Package Prices

Package 1 Package 2 Package 3
1 8x10 2 8x10 1 11x14
2 5x7 2 5x7 2 8x10
8 Wallets 4 3x5 2 5x7
$55.00 8 Wallets 8 Wallets
$84.00 $95.00

48 Wallets - $40.00 96 Wallets - $75.00
Each package or group of wallets from a single pose.

* * *SPECIAL* * *
30% discount on all prints and packages ordered at the same time as the basic package.

We accept cash, check, or money order.
We also accept credit cards through PayPal.

Model Release
You will be asked to sign a model release the day of your session or earlier. This allows us to display your portraits publicly or on our web site for advertising purposes. This is not mandatory, but we would appreciate your cooperation in letting us show off our work and your modeling ability to others.

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Donnie and Renee' Autry

The photographer retains all rights to the photographs under U.S. copyright law. It is unlawful to have them copied or reprinted by anyone other than the original photographer.

* First 50 miles of travel included. $0.50 per mile thereafter.